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The team

Our squad

The Open Kitchen

The heart of our restaurant

The pulsating heart of the Ristorante Daniel is the large open kitchen, completely open to the dining room.

Not even a window separates the kitchen squad from the diners; only in this way can we convey the technique, the passion, the symmetry, the concentration and the teamwork that render the chef’s job truly unique.

The enthusiastic guests enjoy a special view if they are accommodated at the saltimbocca table, which looks directly onto the stoves: a modern convivial chef’s table from which to snatch some secrets, and if lucky, to be involved in the preparation of the dishes.

The kitchen crew

Motivation and professionalism

Young and very motivated people are alongside the chef at every step, careful to perform every instruction with the utmost precision.

Collaboration, discipline in times and roles, coupled with passion and respect for food, make them a close-knit group that is always ready to do their best.

The dining staff: ensuring your well-being

Thanks to their graceful hospitality, guests can feel welcomed and pampered at all times of the meal. Supported by the whole team, our staff works every day to create a special atmosphere at both lunch and dinner.