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At Christmas 2016 Daniel launched his panettone “Tribute to Milan”: To the original Milan panettone recipe Daniel adds the personal touch of the chef, by introducing saffron and rice, principal ingredients of the Milanese food culture, in order to give character and refinement to the sweet emblem of our Christmas tradition.

Special events, both inside the restaurant and in pastry shops, fashion showrooms, eateries and special places, were organized to take the panettone “on the road”. It has received the acclaim both of the Milanese VIP and of those with the most daring tastes.

Even the press has welcomed this new gastronomic offering with enthusiasm: read a selection of articles from December 2016.

For Christmas 2017 Chef Canzian has prepared a new edition of his special panettone!

Grand Cru Selection is the High Quality Saffron dedicated to the fine dining: a balanced formula, ideal for both sweet and savory preparations, selected and used by chef Daniel Canzian for his panettone.

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WATCH THE VIDEO and discover the panettone “Omaggio a Milano” and the two recipes to use it even after Christmas!