Simplicity, seasonality and Italianness

In Milan, in the heart of the Brera District, with the Ristorante Daniel I offer a Contemporary Italian Cuisine which “restores” the traditional regional dishes by lightening them with a process of subtraction, aimed to enhance the quality of the raw materials.

Seasonality is the basis of sustainability” is the motto I have embraced since 2015,  by working with forty small local producers, searching for the typical national-popular ingredients.

How the wine list is born

To accompany the menu in the best possible way, the sommelier selects predominantly Italian wines, which emphasize and consolidate the ties between the kitchen and the territory. The comfort, even in the glass, is absolute.

The Ristorante Daniel is, as a matter of fact, one of the few in Italy which allows for the “CORKAGE FEE”, allowing clients to bring with them the important bottle which has been waiting for the right time to be opened, to finally be tasted with dishes of high culinary quality that are capable of highlighting its taste.

What is the “Corkage Fee”?

It has to do with a custom supported and practiced by a limited number of restaurateurs,which permits guests to take a bottle of wine, bought elsewhere, to a restaurant, paying the restaurant a minimal sum that correspond sto the service and suggestions of the sommelier, as well as the uncorking of the bottle and the cleaning of the glasses. At the Ristorante Daniel the fee, set independently of the value of the bottle, is only 15.00 Euros. Collectors, connoisseurs or simple wine lovers are all welcome, together with their bottles, whether they are of a certain prestige or not, to use the “Corkage Fee”. As a matter of fact, the commercial value of the wine is not important; it is sufficient that the bottle in question has an emotional value for those who drink it and choose to pair it with the chef’s refined plates.

The dining area, the kitchen and the spaces

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