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Ouverture: chicche e bon bon

Reflection on the broths of Leonardo da Vinci

Forest-raised fried egg tribute to “Fauves”

Vegetable soup in a contemporary version (year 2013)

Divisionism in the kitchen… expo risotto (year 2015)

Venetian-style cuttlefish “Lucio Fontana” version

“Mannerism“ of guinea-fowl

(Guinea fowl in a cocoa crust, a restorative broth and a Venetian-style liver)

Colosseo 2020


Towards Purity

From Venice to Shangai

Egg “pavese style”

Artickoches “à la romana”

Lemon risotto with roast meat sauce and licorice

“Brisk” broth of the Adriatic sea with seafood

Crispy-spicy suckling pig, vegetable ratatouille


Rustin negà my way

Sgroppino of citrus fruits and aromatic herbs

Chocolate sphere tribute to Arnaldo Pomodoro, (dessert for Teatro alla Scala Première Dinner 2018)


A la Carte Menu

A la carte Menu
Daniel Canzian uova di selva- foto di Andrea Fongo


Allowing for a CORKAGE FEE (€ 15,00), we give our clients the possibility to bring a bottle of wine from home. It often happens that you have an important bottle of wine at home and no occasion to open it. You can enjoy your bottle of wine here with us, and couple it with a menu of the highest quality.


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We would like to inform our customers that our dishes sometimes undergo slight variations based on the daily availability of ingredients.

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