Cooking classes

Are you passionate about cooking and recipe book are your favorite inspiration?

If you are fascinated by the atmosphere of a professional kitchen and want to personally experience it, then why don’t you come into mine?

Ristorante Daniel periodically organizes some thematic cooking classes, following the principles of regionalization and sustainability of my cuisine style. Through a couple of lessons, traditional recipes and the importance of seasonality are the protagonists, together with the seamless research of small local producers and fresh ingredients.

With both theoretical and practical activities, you’ll have the chance to cook together with me and learn about the techniques and the processes, like a professional chef.

Each course has a specific theme which is developed through two lessons of 2 hours each (for a total of 4 hours per theme).

Each theme can be followed separately from the others. A theoretical booklet, an apron and a chef’s hat are part of the kit delivered to each student before entering the kitchen.

Are you interested in attending the lessons? Check the course calendar above and book your place by writing an e-mail to or directly to the website’s shop page.